The 2005 competitive season got off to a tremendous start over the February 11-12 weekend.

55 Panther gymnasts, coaches and supporters boarded a bus early Friday morning and set off for

Saskatoon to participate in the Marian Gymnastics Club Invitational. The girls did a fantastic job! 

All of the coaches and supporters were extremely proud of the way the gymnasts competed.


Congratulations everyone!





Raven Griffiths                                     Opt.1      Argo                       Bronze Bars

Katie Blackmon                                    Opt.1      Argo                       Silver Bars


Caila Kucheravy                                   Opt. 1     Tyro                       Silver All Around, Gold Vault, Gold Bars

Alyena Fredette                                   Opt.1      Tyro                       Bronze All Around, Silver Vault, Bronze Beam

Nicole Meyer-Nunn                             Opt.1      Tyro                       Gold Floor, Silver Bars

Stephanie Papagiannopoulos            Opt.1      Tyro                       Silver Floor


Lisa Carrick                                           Opt.1      Novice                   Gold All Around, Gold Bars, Gold Beam, Bronze Vault

Faye-Rae Brooks                                  Opt. 1     Novice                   Silver All,  Around, Gold Floor

Mikaela Kagan-Garfinkel                    Opt.1      Novice                   Silver Vault, Silver Floor

Kelsey Berkowski                                Opt.1      Novice                   Bronze Bars

Nikaela Hewat                                       Opt.1      Novice                   Gold Vault


Sarah Maynard                                     Opt.1      Open                      Gold All Around, Gold Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor


Sarah Boila                                            Opt.2      Tyro(92-93)           Bronze All Around, Gold Bars

Melissa Richards                                 Opt.2      Tyro(92-93)           Gold Beam

Heather Blackmon                                Opt.2.     Tyro(92-93)           Bronze Vault


Vienna Code                                         Opt.2      Tyro(94-95)           Bronze All Around, Gold Beam, Gold Floor, Bronze Vault

Justin Linton                                         Opt.1      Tyro(94-95)           Bronze Beam


Clo Jackson                                         Opt.3      Tyro                       Gold Vault, Floor

Kathryn Struthers                                Opt.3      Tyro                       Silver Vault, Floor

Alex Holt                                               Opt.3      Tyro                       Bronze Beam


Jennie Henry                                         Opt.3      Open                      Bronze Floor


Melissa Clark                                        National Novice                   Bronze Beam



Many other Panther gymnasts also received ribbons for finishing 4th,5th,6th,7th or 8th on events and all around.

Congratulations to:


Amy Schappert, Hayley Watts, Carissa Gauthier, Dallas Duma, Samantha Higham,

 Samantha Holt,Carly Walterson-Dupuis,  Meaghan McKay &  Nikki Bewski


Great Job Girls !









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