Regional Stream Provincial Championships 











On April 2,3,4, the Manitoba Gymnastics Association and the Portage La Prairie Gymnastics Club hosted the

Regional Provincial Championships in Portage La Prairie. Over 300 girls participated in the competition.


Panthers once again were well represented by some of the gymnasts in our Regional Stream Group.

They competed extremely well and we’re very proud of all of them. Again, Panthers came through with

Golden Performance.





  *   Panthers’ Golden Girls 



Jayne Shepherd             Advanced                      10 yrs               Gold Bars                      3rd All Around

Cara Johnston               Advanced                      11 yrs               Gold Vault

Catie Harasym               Advanced                      12 yrs               Gold Bars                      1st All Around

Stephanie Howard          Advanced                      13  yrs              Gold Bars                      1st All Around

Sarah Maynard              Advanced                      14-15 yrs           Gold Vault, Bars            1st All Around






Also participating from Panthers were Danica Avery-Snow, Shari Johnson, Sarah Isaacson, Kyelani Topolnitsky,

Madison Martin, Kayla Byron, and Melissa Sexton



Great Job girls! 
Keep up the good work !













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