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Our programs 2017-18

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Pre School

Our Pre School programs are for children from 2-5 years of age. They are designed to help improve each child's balance, strength and coordination in a safe and stimulating environment through the use of gymnastics equipment. Social skills and self-confidence are enhanced through individual and group activities.

  • Tiny Tumblers 1- for 1-2 years old (Parent and child)
  • Tiny Tumblers 2- for 2-3 years old (Parent and child)
  • Kindergym One - for 3-4 years old
  • Kindergym Two - for 4-5 years old
  • Kindergym Three- for 4-5 years old (90 minutes)


Our Recreational programs are designed for girls aged 6-14 years and boys ages 6-9 years. They emphasize FUN - FITNESS and FUNDALMENTALS in a gymnastics setting. Programs range in commitment from one to five hours per week.

Boys Gym - Emphasis is placed on basic tumbling and trampoline skills. Boys will be tested for badges using the nationally endorsed CanGym program.

Gymnast One - Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of the four women's gymnastics apparatus as well as trampoline. Gymnasts will be tested using the Cangym program and will receive badges as they complete prescribed skills.

Gymnast Two - This program is for girls who have limited gymnastics experience. The focus is on skill development. Gymnasts will be tested using the Cangym program and will receive badges as they complete prescribed skills.

Gymnast Three, Four and Five - This program is for girls who have mastered the introductory gymnastics skills through participation in the Gymnast One and two program. Testing using the Cangym program will be continued.

Trampoline 1,2 and 3 - Girls and boys learn basic Trampoline skills in a safe environment using our 2 in-ground trampolines and the mini-trampoline.


Adult Gymnastics - For guys and gals 18 and over. Try trampoline,tumbling,vault, bars and beam in a safe environment.

All participants in the Recreational and Competitive programs will take part in our year end display in early June.

Rainbow Stage Finale 2002...
35 years of excellence !


Panthers offers quality programs for both Competitive and Pre-Competitive gymnasts. Entrance to these programs is by invitation or try-out only.

Pre-Competitive Program

The Pre-competitive program, Junior Panthers, is for girls between the ages of 5 and 8. The primary goal of this program is to introduce the young gymnast to the specific preparation necessary for competitive gymnastics.

Emphasis is placed on the development of the physical, technical and psychological aspects of training and competing.

Continued assessment of these factors is done primarily by testing and by participating in "Skill Competitions" organized by the club.

Competitive Program

Panthers offers classes for all competitive levels from "Regional Beginner" up to and including "High Performance". A high level of commitment on the part of both the athlete and the parents is expected at this level.
There are other costs related to these programs such as competition registration fee , etc.

Regional Stream - This program is for advanced recreational gymnasts. Gymnasts will participate in the Regional Stream competitions within the Province.

Provincial Stream- Gymnast will compete within the province and occasionally out of province.

National Stream and High Performance - Gymnasts will compete across Canada and Internationally.

All participants will compete once they have mastered the skills necessary for their level.
Some advanced gymnasts will be expected to compete out of the province at invitational competitions. Highly advanced gymnasts will represent Manitoba at Western Canadian Championships and Canadian Championships as members of the Provincial Team. In the past, Panthers gymnasts have represented Canada at the Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and other competitions throughout the world.

All participants in the Junior Panthers program must purchase the mandatory body-suit. Information regarding the suit is available in September.

All participants in the Competitive programs must purchase the competitive body suit and track suit.