Aerials Fun Meet ...
Panthers Playground !











     Congratulations to Melissa, Chloé and Anna

                     for their

   All Around Golden Performances !




Here is a brief report on Panthers Gold performances at the Aerials Fun Meet 2004.



                              *Golden Girls



                  Alyena Fredette   Level 1 Compulsory, Midget,    Gold on Vault & Beam, 2nd AA


Mikaela Hewat,   Level 1 Compulsory, Tyro,       1st AA


Caila Kucheravy  Level 2 Compulsory, Midget,   1st AA


Anna Schappert,  Level 2 Compulsory, Tyro,      Gold on Vault & Beam, 1st AA

Alea Ciecko,        Level 2 Compulsory,  Tyro,     Gold on Bars

Ashley Koss,        Level 2 Compulsory,  Tyro,     Gold on Floor, 3rd AA


Justin Linton,         Level 1 Optional, Argo            Gold on Beam


Carissa Gauthier,  Level 1 Optional, Tyro,          Gold on Bars and Floor , 2nd AA

Leah Cuscito,       Level 1 Optional, Tyro,          Gold on Beam

Alehandra Cano,  Level 1 Optional , Tyro,         Gold on Vault


Cloe Jackson,       Level 1 Optional, Novice,     Gold on V, Bars & Beam, 1st AA

Alaina Edwards,   Level 1 Optional, Novice,      Gold on Bars


Dallas Duma,        Level 2 Optional, Tyro,         Gold on Bars, 3rd AA

Olivia Lee,            Level 2 Optional, Tyro,         Gold on Floor


Samantha Holt,    Level 2 Optional, Novice,      Gold on Beam


Melissa Clark,      Level 3 Optional, Argo/Tyro,  Gold on V, Beam & Floor, 1st AA



Many Panthers gymnasts ranked 2nd and 3rd on events and AA as well…


Here they are:                                                             


Sarah Boila                   Kiley Gorlick                Lexi Audette

Breanna Carrey            Meaghan McKay         Taylor Walker

Keeley Edwards           Carley Dupuis               Jayde Finkbeiner






Congratulations Again !!!!   


And Keep up the good Work !!!! 


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