Invitational 2004




         Panthers hosted the annual Frontier Toyota Invitational on March 27 and 28, 2004. Over 100 gymnasts

         competed during the two day event and once again the Panthers showed their strength in every level.



                  There were many Golden Panther Performances once again!


                 Panthers’ Golden Girls



Alyena Fredette         Level One Compulsory – Midget     Gold Bars and Floor             2nd All Around

Jenica Jacques         Level One Compulsory -  Argo        Gold Beam                            2nd All Around

Nikaela Hewat           Level One Compulsory – Tyro         Gold Vault, Beam, Floor       1st  All Around

Brenna Paulson         Level One Compulsory – Tyro         Gold Bars                               2nd All Around

Anna Thi                     Level One Compulsory – Open                                                       1st  All Around


Caila Kucheravy        Level Two Compulsory – Midget                                                     1st  All Around

Andrea Plett               Level Two Compulsory – Argo                                                        1st  All Around

Anna Schappert        Level Two Compulsory – Tyro         Gold Vault, Beam                  1st  All Around

Carly Dupuis              Level Two Compulsory – Tyro         Gold Bars                               2nd All Around

Alea Cieko                 Level Two Compulsory – Tyro         Gold Floor                                                     


Katherine Pulak         Optional One             - Argo             Gold Beam                            1st  All Around

Justin Linton               Optional One             - Argo             Gold Bars                               3rd  All Around

Alejandra Cano         Optional One             - Tyro              Gold Beam                            1st  All Around

Leah Cuscito             Optional One             - Tyro              Gold Vault                              2nd All Around

Carissa Gauthier       Optional One             - Tyro              Gold Bars                                                      

Chloe Jackson          Optional One             - Novice          Gold Bars, Floor                    1st  All Around


Meaghan MacKay     Optional Two             - Novice          Gold Floor                              1st  All Around

Samantha Holt           Optional Two             - Novice          Gold Floor                              3rd  All Around

Breanna Carey          Optional Two             - Novice          Gold Bars                                                      






Other Panthers placed 2nd or 3rd on individual events.


  Congratulations to


       Ashley Koss, Sarah Boila, Dallas Duma, Olivia Lee and Nicole Bewski


Great Job girls! Keep up the good work.










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